by smalegalgroup

This law came into effect on January first of 2012, and may be applied starting on July first of 2012.

This law states that any person with full legal capacity at any time may manifest his/her advanced directives, through a document, to decide upon the application of medical treatment in the case that he/she is terminally ill.

Terminally ill means any person that has an incurable and irreversible disease and has a life expectancy of less than six months.

This is done through an advanced directives format that is the document to be signed by the terminally ill person, being that he is in complete use of his mental faculties, in the presence of the health institution where he is being attended personnel. Through this document he/she manifests the will to reject a determined medical treatment that prolongs without therapeutic ends and in a unnecessary manner the life of the ill person. This document is to be signed before a notary public naming a representative, who will accept the post.

The representative is obliged to verify the exact fulfillment of the dispositions established in the advanced directives document.

Said document may be signed either by the terminally ill or his relatives in case he is disabled to manifest his will by his own, as long as there doesn’t exist an advanced directives document done previously by the ill person.