The new Migratory Law

by smalegalgroup

According to the New Migratory Law and its rules and regulations which started to be mandatory on November the 9th 2012, current NON INMIGRANTS (FM3) and INMIGRANTS (FM2) are equally considered “RESIDENTES TEMPORALES”. Thus, card holders with this status will be entitled to apply for their renewal in a pretty similar manner as they´ve done for the previous years. A remarkable difference though is that these foreigners will have the opportunity to request the renewal for more than just ONE year. The payment will be the same for either “Rentista” or “Actividad Lucrativa” and it goes from $3,130 for one year to $7,040 up to 4 years. There is no restriction on the time this TEMPORAL RESIDENTS will be entitled to be in and out of the Country and once the fourth year is completed, they will become PERMANENT RESIDENTS. Foreigners can also request to become permanent residents without the 4yrs waiting IF they can prove that they are retired and receive a retirement pension equivalent to 500 times the minimum wage established for the DF ($31,165.00 PESOS) OR investment accounts with a monthly balance for the last 12 months of 25,000 times the minimum wage ($1,558,250.00 PESOS)

TOURISTS are remaining tourists and will not be able to get any extension or change within MEXICO once their 180 days authorized stay is over they will have to leave. If they intend to get a different status or want to get a visa with a permit to work, they will need to request that at the Mexican Embassies or Consulates of their Country of origin.

Current Non Inmigrant and Inmigrants (either rentistas or actividad lucrativa) that are in their renewal month, for such purpose will need:




– GOVERNMENT FEES (3,130 FOR 1 YEAR, 4,690 FOR 2 YRS, 5,940 FOR 3 YRS, 7,040 FOR 4 YRS)

NOTE.- This renewals will be given under the same status of TEMPORAL RESIDENT