How to start 2013 with the right foot

by smalegalgroup

Every year we have to fulfill certain obligations that will help  to close the year in the appropriate conditions to avoid legal problems.

Among others, the labor obligations are fundamental. Regardless the time your employees  have   been rendering services for you they are entitled to receive a Christmas Bonus.

If there is any obligation or right that  you  have not expressed in a contract, this could be a good time.

At the beginning of the year our fiscal obligations must be covered.

To pay the property taxes in January gives you the   benefit of obtaining a 20% off. You do not have to make a line, you can pay at the bank or on line.

You can request a revision of your appraisal made by the Land Registry Office if you disagree with the taxes charged.

In the event of having  construction work that was not declared at the time, the current valid Internal  Revenue Law of the State  allows you to make a  voluntary statement in    writing attaching your own appraisal. That could  avoid a large fine and further  legal problems.

Finally, if you have         permission to  develop a  lucrative    activity in this country, do not leave your taxes unpaid.

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